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Are you struggling with Marketing “Lead leakage”?

A CRM stops Lead leakage and helps to automate Marketing campaigns.

As a business owner, you spend so-much on SEO, Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click) and Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram) through your Digital Marketing agencies. But, were you able to “capture & convert” all those Marketing Leads into Sales? Do you wonder how or where you lose your business leads?

After you spend so much on Digital Marketing campaigns to generate business leads, do you find it difficult to understand why the Sales doesn’t grow as expected?

Usually, the business leads are classified as Hot, Warm and Cold.

  • A Hot lead is a customer who has decided to make the purchase, immediately.
  • A Warm lead is a customer who is still thinking and has not decided on the purchase.
  • A Cold lead is a customer who may have not thought about purchase but some Sales push may help them decide.

While the leakage of Hot lead is loss of easy Sale, the leakage of Cold lead is loss of a tougher Sale. However, any leakage is a loss of potential business and Marketing ROI gone waste.

Therefore, it is imperative for any business to focus on reducing the Lead leakage by all means.

Identify Leakage

A problem identified, is half solved! Going by that line, it is important to identify the root cause of the problem before you can work on fixing it.

“Lead Leakage” in Marketing Funnel

All businesses have a typical customer behavior which needs to be studied to understand the customer journey. 

To start with, you may look out for the Sales team which handles the Leads generated by your Digital Marketing activity. A tardy response to the Telephone calls, Email inbox and Social Media posts may be a major cause. It is a classic issue with any business. Studies say, almost 80% of the marketing leads never reach the Sales team. This common phenomenon in business marketing is known as “Lead leakage”. 

With the advent of technology, we have sophisticated Marketing Automation Tools used by Digital Marketing agencies to track customers’ journeys and identify where the business lost-its-touch with the customer. And, these root causes can be fixed by integrating Marketing leads flow with CRM software solutions.

Any business which is concerned about its Sales growth and Return-On-Investment (ROI) Marketing expense needs to focus on plugging these “Lead leakages”. There are scientific ways to reduce the leakage, if not to stop it completely.

Reduce Leakage

It is always a “Cat & Dog” game between the Marketing and Sales teams. Though it is rare to find the Marketing and Sales teams on friendly terms, it is one area where the business management has to press hard to plug the Marketing Leads leakage. 

A co-operative Marketing and Sales team will help a business at great length. But, it entirely depends on the spirit of the team members and to the extent of how humanly possible. 

CRM Stops Lead Leakage

What if the teams still choose to remain indifferent or laid back?

This is where the arrival of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software technology has ushered in a big difference. A CRM stops Lead Leakage.

Capture Leads & Convert Sales using CRM

Today, the CRM Software solutions play a crucial role in plugging the “Leads leakage” and increase ROI on Marketing expense of a business. The CRM solution is a business strategy in which managing Customer Relations are placed at the core. With the Customer placed at centre, all the interactions between business and customers are managed at one place called CRM. 

Beginning with an initial Customer interaction at a Trade Show or with a Facebook post, the lead can be nurtured via CRM and converted into Sales. Further, the Customer support or grievances can be addressed with the CRM Support Center or Interaction Center.

Our focus here is on Marketing Automation solutions available to “identify & reduce” the business Lead leakages. The CRM software provides a compelling and complete IT solution to automate the Marketing functions of any business. 

At Navira IT Solutions, we provide IT Consulting and tailor made software solutions for our client business requirements. 

The leads generated through third party Marketing tools can also be integrated with CRM to “capture” without leakage. These captured leads by CRM can be followed up by the Sales team for subsequent actions without any loss. And, the business owner can view the entire Customer journey at their CRM dashboard to make well informed decisions.

Do share your business issues with us and we can work together to resolve it. Contact us!