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Today, it has become imperative for a business to have an online presence leading to the search for the best Web Design Company in Chennai skyrocketing.

Usually, business owners come with a simple request for a website. But, they may not know what kind of website their business requires. An established company may need a Corporate Information website to inform and educate its existing clients and potential clients about its business to generate business leads. But, business professionals (ex: Architects, Doctors, Lawyers, and Musicians) may need a Portfolio website to generate Leads. Finally, a retail business may need an Internet Sales or eCommerce website to sell products online.

Therefore, the responsibility falls on the Web development company to probe and find out a suitable web solution as per their clients’ business requirements.

Types of Websites

Based on their functions, the websites are classified as Landing Pages, Info Websites, E-commerce Portals, Blogs & Social Forums.

Landing Pages – Usually, they are single or standalone web pages on which the google ad clicks will “Land” the prospective customer. It is also known as “Lead Capture Page”. For Online or Internet Marketing by Google Ads, at least a Landing Page (if a website is not available) is a must to collect the Lead details. 

However, there are business scenarios where Campaign specific Landing pages are preferred rather than using the existing business website. 

Website – An Info website, Portfolio, or Brochure website showcases the services offered, client details, completed projects of the professional or a company to potential customers. Again, the business goal of such websites is to generate leads.

A “Corporate” or “Information” website could be a platform to share information and educate visitors about the organization. Nevertheless, it helps to attract new business clients.

E-commerce or Online Sales Portal – They are websites through which Online Sale and Payment activities are performed. The wholesale or retail businesses can showcase their products online via an eCommerce or Internet Sales portal. Also, the current fast-growing trend of Online learning or study classes requires an online learning portal.

Ecommerce for Sports
E-commerce portal

A typical E-commerce portal integrates with multiple back-end systems like Customers, Inventory, Payments, Delivery Tracking, and Learning Content in the back-end. And, hence the name “Portal”.

News & Blogs – These are websites or web portals that carry the current affairs, news, magazines, and personal blogs. What began as Online web pages or Blogs have grown into the Online News Media industry. And, with the burgeoning number of internet users, the online News platforms grew rapidly to replace traditional News media platforms.

Again, these News Portals carry the content of various formats like text, images, audio, and videos from different back-end systems.

Social Networks & Forums – Social Networks are platforms where people network to share, chat or discuss their personal (Instagram, Facebook) or professional (LinkedIn) lives. Social or Discussion Forums are platforms where people come together to discuss and debate all topics under the sun.

Above, we have listed a brief on websites based on their End-user (Customer) functions or business objectives. However, technically the websites can be categorized as Static websites, Dynamic websites, and Web portals.

Static website is usually an information website that rarely requires changes. Today, the static websites are used rarely and they require a dedicated Web design services team to maintain them.

Dynamic website gets the content updated by itself based on well-defined criteria. Almost all the websites created today by web development companies are Dynamic websites.

Web Portal is a website that displays data fetched from multiple back-end systems. In that sense, an E-commerce website, an Online Learning website, and the Income Tax department website are Portals connected to many database systems in the back-end.

Helping the business owner decide on the type of website is one-half of web design services, the other half lies with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the website. Many website design companies in Chennai promise to perform this part, and they tend to neglect it.

Website SEO 

With the ever-growing digital presence of businesses, it has become imperative for a company to be visible on top to be noticed by its customer. And, this can be achieved via continuous website optimization or Organic SEO. It is known as “organic” since the website visibility is grown organically by publishing more relevant content for its visitors. On the other hand, the “inorganic” method involves buying visibility by paying for Google Ads or Bing Ads.

The good search engine optimized website gets its rightful place in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. Highly engaging content earns a good Google Search Rank that lists the website on top of search results. And, it is the job of a fine website designer to analyze the business, its customer, industry, and competitors to create quality SEO content to earn a better SERP ranking.

In addition to Organic SEO, digital visibility can be purchased but may be expensive. However, a properly optimized website will help to reduce the cost involved in purchasing the “Pay-Per-Click” (PPC) Google Ads Digital Marketing. Therefore, it is necessary to show continuous attention to the Organic SEO of the website.

A business owner may not be aware of the type of website or the importance of SEO. It is unfair to claim to be the best web design company in Chennai unless they do it. Hence, web design agencies in Chennai must educate the business owner.

At Navira, we focus on understanding our clients’ business requirements, educating them, and striving to deliver high-quality work to our clients to achieve their business goals.

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